RV Consignment

Let us sell your RV!


RV Consignment Services

Interested in selling your pre-loved RV? Let us take care of all the hard work and risk involved in finding a new owner for your used RV.

Reasons for Consigning with Parsons Motors

  1. Free Up Your Time
    There's no need to use your precious time for setting up appointments, demonstrating and showing off your RV. Let us do it for you.
  2. Financing... Yes, We Can
    Can you get the buyer of your RV financed for their purchase? We have close relationships with the leading RV industry financing companies. Our business manager can get your buyers approved to purchase your RV.
  3. Trade-In's Welcome
    You're trying to sell your RV, so you definitely don't want another RV, right? We can take your RV buyer's current RV as a trade-in toward their purchase.
  4. Privacy, Safety & Liability
    Do you like strangers coming over to your house? You can't control who comes over to look at your RV. Let us handle your RV sale and give you the privacy your family deserves by not having to deal with any potential buyers. Also, selling your RV directly leaves only one person to complain to when something goes wrong with your old coach... you! Most buyers feel more at ease buying from a company instead of directly from an individual. Let us be your RV contact to potential customers and its buyer.
  5. Warranty
    We can assist you and your RV's new owner in transferring the RV's warranty. If there's not a warranty on the RV, we offer extended service contracts to give your buyer added protection with their purchase.
  6. Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork
    We handle all paperwork involved in the sale and title transfer of your RV.
  7. Advertising Your RV to The World
    We have a very competitive advertising budget and always have ads running on the Internet, television, billboards, in trade magazines and local print publications. Your RV will be promoted locally and to the world.
  8. Security
    Our buildings and lots are all locked nightly. All of our units, including pre-owned units, remain locked throughout the day. We only allow guests to tour RV units with the assistance of a sales consultant. Your unit will be test-driven with a sales consultant accompanying the driver.
  9. Six Days a Week 
    We have sales consultants on-site site six days per week. We match customers specifications with RV's on the lot. If your RV matches what they're looking for, then we'll show it to them. We even have a database of customers looking for particular used models that may be potential matches for your RV. Calls come in daily from customers looking for good condition used RV's. We'll do our best to find a great buyer for your pre-loved RV!

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